Electronic Forms

Be sure to read Guidance Notes for each form, if available.

Do not store copies of these forms on your own hard drive for future use. Always come back to this download page for forms as needed, to ensure that you are using the current version. Visit the Internal Funding page for forms related to UBC internal grants. 

Research Project Information Form
Financial Forms
Grant-in-Aid Letter

Types of Electronic Forms

Many UBC forms are available in Microsoft Word format as template (.dot) files. These can be filled out on your computer then printed, circulated for signatures, and sent to the appropriate office.

These templates may not work for Word 95 and earlier versions of Word for Windows and earlier versions of Word for Mac. If the templates do not work for your computer, download the PDF version of the form instead.

Before beginning, print a hard copy of the guidance file (if available) for reference.

  • Open the template (*.dot) file and enter data into the shaded fields, using TAB to move to the next field and SHIFT-TAB to go back to the previous field.
  • Text may be pasted from other applications, but the amount of text that can be entered into each box is limited.
  • Assign a name to the completed form and save it as a Word Document (*.doc file). Do not overwrite the .dot file with your completed form! If you do overwrite the template, you can download a new copy from this page.

Some forms are only available in PDF format. At present, our PDF forms cannot be filled in on your computer; you will need to print out the form and fill it in manually (e.g., with typewriter).

Need help with a form?

Technical support: 

Research Services IT Help Desk, 604-822-9100

General inquiries: 

Sybil Zhang 604-822-8581 or Colin Roberts 604-822-8595

Behavioural Human Ethics forms and guidelines: 

Maria Valente 604-827-5112 or Anita Lillquist 604-827-5597

Clinical Human Ethics forms and guidelines:

Pia Ganz, 604-875-4149 or Elmira Chan, 604-875-4111 ext. 68918

Animal Care or Biosafety forms and guidelines: 

Suzanne Richardson, 604-827-5111 or Fred Woo, 604-827-5115