Internal Funding Opportunities

The following is a list of some of the internal funding opportunities at UBC, including links to more information and forms where applicable.

Please also contact the Grant Facilitator assigned to your faculty or unit for further advice.

SSH Internal Funding Opportunities

For information and forms related to SSH Internal Funding Opportunities, please visit the SPARC web site:

UBC Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) - 2021/22 Competition

Applications are being invited from both emerging and established research excellence clusters in all disciplines on the Vancouver campus. Previously funded clusters (1 year term), as well as new clusters are eligible to apply to this competition. A notice of intent to apply must be submitted by November 2, 2020.

Changes have been made to this year’s competition to allow for enhanced trainee stipends. Researchers can learn more at information sessions on October 15 and October 26 (registration is required in order to attend:

Full details about the competition, information sessions, and instructions for applying can be found at Please direct any questions about this competition to

UBC Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

Collège de France Professors
Through our partnership with the Collège de France (CdF) in Paris, the PWIAS encourages UBC faculty to nominate CdF Professors for UBC visits lasting 1 – 3 weeks, or longer.  Nominations can be sent directly to the PWIAS Director, outlining the potential synergy between the visiting CdF Professor and on-going UBC research activities.  Joint nominations among collaborating UBC faculty members are encouraged.  A list of CdF Professors is available at

Theme Development Workshop

Details: Are you trying to organize a meeting with scholars who will partner with you for a CFI grant, a SSHRC Partnership Grant, to access some of the Canada First Research Excellence Funds, but you don't know where to meet? A Theme Development Workshop provides support to UBC faculty in need of a workshop venue to meet and discuss potential collaborative research projects, themes, and research funding proposals involving multiple academic disciplines and faculties.

Funding: meeting venue and light refreshments

Information & Application:

Deadline: ongoing

Other PWIAS Programs:

International Research Roundtables 

Wall Solutions 

Wall Colloquia Abroad 

International Exchanges (ongoing applications)


More info on institute and available programs at:

Questions: Emma MacEntee // Bernadette Mah

UBC Salary Research Grant
  • Application form (MS Word) and Guidelines (PDF)
  • Allows UBC scholars to receive a research grant in lieu of salary during periods other than study leave.
  • If needed, download Revenue Canada S5-F1-C1: 'Determination of an Individual’s Residence Status'
UBC Study Leave Research Grant