Research Accounts + Management

When all funding documentation and compliance requirements are in place, the Office of Research Services will open a research account, or Project Grant (PG), on your behalf.

Account Creation

When all documentation and compliance requirements have been met, ORS will be able to establish a new PG for your funding. Note that if your application was not submitted for institutional signature at the time of submission, you will need to provide a completed UBC Research Project Information Form along with a copy of the application. For internal funding, ensure that the last section of the RPIF labeled "For Faculty/Department Use" is also completed prior to submission to ORS.

Once the PG has been established, you, along with your unit head and administrator, will be automatically notified via email and will receive an electronic copy of the Research Project Budget (RPB) showing account details such as budget, project period, speed chart, etc.

As soon as the research account has been set up, you will be able to access your funding and begin your research. From this point on, most of your research administration activities will involve financial and progress reporting.

Account Management

Once your PG has been established, UBC Research & Trust Accounting (RTA) will be responsible for ongoing financial administration, including financial reporting and revenue collection.

Questions regarding budget changes, end date extensions and transferring funds to collaborators at UBC or at other institutions should be directed to the Office of Research Services. 

As UBC employees, each researcher is responsible for the pursuit and overall management of their research projects. These responsibilities are detailed in the UBC policies governing research. The Principal Investigator is also responsible for a number of financial reporting and monitoring activities once a research grant has been awarded. Please visit Research Finance for detailed information regarding PI responsibilities.

Research Finance

Once your research account has been set up by ORS, UBC Research Finance will be responsible for ongoing financial administration, including financial reporting and revenue collection.

Find out more on the Research Finance site about issues such as PI responsibilities.