Elsevier's SciVal

UBC now subscribes to a powerful new research tool in Elsevier's SciVal. Funding has been provided by the VP Research and Innovation and the Provost.

SciVal is a bibliometric tool, which provides a comprehensive overview of the world’s research (publication and citation) at the institutional level. It has the largest abstract and citation of research information 19,500+ active titles from more than 5,000 international publishers including coverage of: Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities. SciVal provides easy and flexible access to the research performance of 4,600 research institutions worldwide.

Go to: www.SciVal.com and click on Register Now
Note: You will be required to login with a valid UBC CWL to obtain access from all locations

Useful Resource: SciVal User Guide

Who benefits from using SciVal and why?

  • Individual researchers - Track their research publication performance/citation impact, identify potential collaborators, analyze growth areas of research, etc.
  • Department heads - Track department performance, identify and analyze areas of research strength, whole department research performance, compare peer departments and identifying new, emerging areas.
  • Deans/Faculties - Inform strategic planning activities, identify areas of research strength, evaluate individual PI, Department, Faculty and research institute performance, compare to peer Faculties, accelerate institutional and cross-institutional collaboration, demonstrate researchers’ expertise and identify hiring and collaborative opportunities.

Use SciVal tools to:

  • Gain immediate access to the world's research
  • View a ready-made, at-a-glance snapshot of your research performance at all levels
  • Benchmark your performance against any set of peers
  • Model-test “what if” scenarios by creating virtual teams and newly emerging research areas
  • Create publication sets for grant applications and reporting
  • Establish collaborative partnerships locally or globally
  • Track and monitor data on a weekly basis to stay up-to-date with market changes

Access is provided to all three SciVal modules:

  • Overview: Ready-made, at-a-glance snapshots of any selected entity
  • Benchmark: Flexibility to create and compare any research groups
  • Collaboration: Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities