Elsevier's SciVal

UBC now subscribes to a powerful new research tool in Elsevier's SciVal. Funding has been provided by the VP Research and Innovation and the Provost.

SciVal is a bibliometric tool, which provides a comprehensive overview of the world’s research (publication and citation) at the institutional level. It has the largest abstract and citation of research information 19,500+ active titles from more than 5,000 international publishers including coverage of: Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities. SciVal provides easy and flexible access to the research performance of 4,600 research institutions worldwide.

Go to: www.SciVal.com and click on Register Now
Note: Access to SciVal is provided to all under the UBC umbrella through your IP address. If you are unable to gain access to the site, please email Tania Chen with your IP address.

Useful Resource: SciVal User Guide

Who benefits from using SciVal and why?

  • Individual researchers - Track their research publication performance/citation impact, identify potential collaborators, analyze growth areas of research, etc.
  • Department heads - Track department performance, identify and analyze areas of research strength, whole department research performance, compare peer departments and identifying new, emerging areas.
  • Deans/Faculties - Inform strategic planning activities, identify areas of research strength, evaluate individual PI, Department, Faculty and research institute performance, compare to peer Faculties, accelerate institutional and cross-institutional collaboration, demonstrate researchers’ expertise and identify hiring and collaborative opportunities.

Use SciVal tools to:

  • Gain immediate access to the world's research
  • View a ready-made, at-a-glance snapshot of your research performance at all levels
  • Benchmark your performance against any set of peers
  • Model-test “what if” scenarios by creating virtual teams and newly emerging research areas
  • Create publication sets for grant applications and reporting
  • Establish collaborative partnerships locally or globally
  • Track and monitor data on a weekly basis to stay up-to-date with market changes

Access is provided to all three SciVal modules:

  • Overview: Ready-made, at-a-glance snapshots of any selected entity
  • Benchmark: Flexibility to create and compare any research groups
  • Collaboration: Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities