Grant Facilitators

Grant Facilitators within faculties and schools are available to help researchers to develop, review and administer winning research grant proposals.

Get to know your local Grant Facilitator to understand what services they can provide. Grant Facilitation services may be offered by personnel with varying job titles (such as Grant Facilitator, Grant Development Oficer, Research Development Officer, or Research Manager) who have varying responsibilities and expertise, such as accounting or grant writing. Each area has its own administrative processes for securing research funding.

Also be sure to visit the UBC Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC) office web site. SPARC is a full service office supporting strategic funding proposals with professional services and resources such as parternship development, internal review, and grant writing and development workshops. 

Key faculty-level members of the Grant Facilitation Network include:

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Faculty of Arts

Pam Forsberg, Grants Facilitator

Faculty of Applied Science

Joanne Moszynski, Grants Facilitator

Faculty of Dentistry 

Ingrid Ellis, Research Grant Facilitator

Angela Tether, PhD, Research Grant Facilitator
604 822-6672 

Faculty of Education

Robert Olaj, Research Grant Facilitator

Heather Frost, Manager, Research Support Services

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Rebecca Lee, Dean's Office Coordinator (for Dr. Rickey Yada)

Nicholas Grant, Research Facilitator

Faculty of Law

Aleksandar Petrovic, Research Grants Writer

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Paula Vaisey, Special Projects & Research Grants Facilitator

Faculty of Science

Kathie Thompson, Research Grant Facilitator

UBC-Affliliated Institutes 

Child and Family Research Institute

Dawn McArthur, Head, Research & Technology Development

Tamara English, Senior Research Development Facilitator
604-875-2000 Ext. 5521

Dominique Levesque, Research Programs Facilitator
604-875-2000 Ext. 5227

UBC James Hogg Research Centre

Dr. Richa Anand, Grants Team Lead
604-682-2344 Ext. 63011