NSERC Research Tools & Instruments (Research Portal)

All applications to the Research Tools & Instruments (RTI) competition must be electronically submitted via NSERC's Research Portal.

Please follow the procedures described in NSERC’s RTI program outline


Wednesday, October 19, 2022, 8:30 a.m. PT

UBC internal application deadline
See procedure #3 below. You may continue to work on your online application after you have submitted the required paperwork to ORS.

Monday, October 24, 2022, 12:00 p.m. PT

Applicant's e-submission deadline
See procedure #4 below. Your final application should be submitted via the Research Portal.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 4:30 p.m. PT

Sponsor deadline
While ORS makes every effort to submit all applications on time and to facilitate support for our research community, applications submitted after the UBC internal deadline are not guaranteed to receive an administrative review from ORS, which includes confirmation of the application's completeness.

Useful resources: RTI InstructionsResearch Portal – Frequently Asked Questions and the UBC SPARC Office’s RTI information page.​


1. Application preparation

Your application must be prepared and submitted using the Research Portal and NSERC CCV. Instructions can be found on the NSERC web site. Select “The University of British Columbia” as the Administering Institution (do not select “Technical University of British Columbia”).

2. Understand and comply with faculty-specific requirements and/or deadlines

Use the UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF) and follow UBC Signatures requirement.

For co-applicants, electronic acceptance of the PI’s invitation to participate in the application meets NSERC requirements, so physical signatures are not required. External authorized institution signature is required for co-apps outside of UBC. Please use ORS signature page.

If you are a co-applicant on a grant application initiated by a PI at another institution, you must still submit a copy of the application with required UBC signatures for ORS review and approval per NSERC policy.

Please check with your grant facilitator regarding faculty-specific requirements and/or deadlines.

3. Submit required pages to the appropriate ORS contact by the internal deadline

You can e-mail the pages to the appropriate ORS location. Ensure you have collected ALL required signatures prior to submitting to ORS, and that the documents submitted to ORS are identical to your Research portal submission.

  • A signed UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF). Also submit an ORS signature page if you have any external co-applicants. External authorized institution signature is required for co-apps outside of UBC.
  • Identification page (page 1 of the application)
  • Co-applicants page
  • Summary of Proposal Page
  • Proposed Expenditures and budget justification pages
  • Quotations if applicable (per RTI guidelines, provide two (2) recent quotations for any items or any systems costing more than $25,000 before taxes. If the required number of quotations cannot be submitted, you must provide a justification in the Budget Justification section.)
  • If there are other organizations providing financial contributions, written confirmation of these must be submitted to ORS. An email from the organization providing the funds will suffice. 

4. Submit your ONLINE application by 12:00pm one working day before the sponsor deadline

Submit your full application online using the Research Portal and NSERC CCV by the e-Submission Deadline stated above. To do this, the applicant must complete and link all the forms as described in the NSERC instructions. First “Verify” to ensure the application is complete. Then click “Submit” to submit your application to ORS for online approval. 

5. ORS reviews your application

If all requirements are met, ORS will approve your application on the Research Portal by NSERC’s deadline. ORS has read-only access to your application and cannot make changes. If the application is not approved, ORS will return it to you for changes. ORS is no longer required to physically sign applications submitted through NSERC Research Portal.

6. ORS approves and submits your application

Once ORS has approved your application, the status on the NSERC Research Portal will change from "Received by Administrator" to “Received by Agency” (see Definition of Application Status). Material or revisions received under separate cover (before or after the deadline date) will not be accepted by NSERC.