Funding Sources

There are many resources to help researchers find and prepare for available funding opportunities.

The ORS funding opportunities calendar details upcoming competitions, including information on application requirements and deadlines. The Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC) office provides services such internal review, partnership development and research-related workshops. Researchers can also contact the Grant Facilitator assigned to his or her faculty or unit for advice and strategy.

External Funding Sources

Most UBC research is funded by external agencies, including government and non-profit foundations. These organizations offer funding programs that award research grants through peer-reviewed competitions, supporting a range of research efforts from individual project grants to large scale, multidisciplinary, inter-institutional team grants. Please consult our calendar of funding deadlines to see upcoming opportunities.

Internal Funding Sources

Our internal funding opportunities page lists some of the internal funding opportunities at UBC, including links to more information and forms where applicable.