Director's Message

Martin Kirk Portrait

Message from Martin Kirk, Director, Office of Research Services.

August 2017

The Office of Research Services supported another very successful year of research excellence at UBC in 2016/17.

Research revenue continues on an upward trajectory: Eliminating the cyclical CFI awards from the revenue equation, funding reached $544 million in the past year.

This continued growth is great to see, but the year has not been without challenges at ORS. The transformation of CIHR funding programs alone has brought with it administrative obstacles. Across the board, new processes and impossibly short submission timelines have been difficult for all.

ORS has worked to maintain as much flexibility with internal deadlines as possible while still meeting agency timelines. The department has been more efficient than ever, with turnaround times for opening new research accounts and securing compliance certificates continuing to improve.

As we look to the future we see that the funding environment is likely to place further pressures on our processes, with programs like Canada 150 Chairs demanding incredibly tight timelines.

Moving forward, ORS will persist in doing everything we can to support the success of our researchers. We welcome and look forward to continuing to work together with UBC’s new VPRI, Dr. Gail Murphy, and anticipate another successful year ahead.