Director's Message

Martin Kirk Portrait

Message from Martin Kirk, Director, Office of Research Services.

May, 2016

Having survived the CIHR Foundation Scheme Stage 2 and Project Scheme application deadlines and round two of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund competition, it is time to take a breath!

Looking ahead, we are planning for the next round of upcoming competitions, and are working closely with the CFI office to support an emerging cohort of CFI Innovation fund applications.

We’ve also been working on the following initiatives:

SPARC Support Strategy: The SSHRC Insight Grant and NSERC Discovery Grant results have just been announced, and we are busy analyzing the results and evolving our support strategies through UBC’s SPARC office.

Communications: The VPRI units are working together to develop an onboarding package to describe the various services offered by the VPRI units, for new faculty. We are also in the midst of relaunching updated ORS and SPARC web sites to provide timely, detailed information and support to UBC’s research community.

Review and continual improvement: We have completed an 18-month cycle of review that started with a researcher satisfaction survey, progressed into an external review and completed with development of an action plan and a strategic plan.

Connecting with researchers: ORS regularly invites UBC researchers to make a presentation on their research to the ORS/SPARC group. Recently, Tony Sinclair, Professor Emeritus in the UBC Department of Zoology, gave a truly inspiring presentation on his 40 years of research in Tanzania, specifically the ecology of the national parks in Tanzania. I was lucky enough to be leaving for a weeks’ safari in these same national parks in Tanzania, and read Tony’s recently published book describing his long and rich research career while traveling. It was inspiring and made the safari experience so much richer, understanding some of the complex science of the ecology of the region!