MSHR BC I2C Program eSubmission Procedures

All applications to the MSHR BC Innovation to Commercialization Program competition must be electronically submitted via MSHR BC ApplyNet. Please review the guidelines and instructions for applicants and third parties on the MSHR BC website


Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 4:30 p.m. PT

UBC internal application deadline

Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 4:30 p.m. PT

Applicant's e-submission deadline
Your final electronic application should be submitted by this date.

While ORS makes every effort to submit all applications on time and to facilitate support for our research community, applications submitted after the stated UBC internal deadline will not receive a guarantee of administrative review from ORS, which includes confirmation of application completeness.

Useful Resource: MSHR BC ApplyNet FAQ

E-Submission Procedures

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1. Application preparation

Your application must be prepared using ApplyNet. Please Identify your Third Parties. Note that you cannot submit your full application until all of your Third Parties have completed their tasks. It is your responsibility to follow up with your Third Parties to ensure the timely completion of their tasks before the UBC internal deadline. The final approval of your MSHR BC application will be made electronically by ORS.

MSHR BC is partnering with Mitacs to offer additional support to I2C award applicants. Interested applicants should contact Mitacs Business Development representative for more information and instructions on including Mitacs Accelerate internships in the MSHR BC I2C application.

2. Understand and comply with faculty-specific requirements and/or deadlines

Use the UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF) and follow the UBC Signatures requirement.

Please check with your grant facilitator regarding faculty-specific requirements and/or deadlines.

3. Submit required pages to the appropriate ORS contact by the internal deadline by June 30, 2020, at 4:30 pm

You can email or drop off the following pages at the appropriate ORS location. Ensure you have collected ALL required signatures prior to submitting to ORS, and that the documents submitted to ORS are identical to your ApplyNet submission. For the Faculty of Medicine (FoM), please refer to FoM MSHR BC I2C Instructions. Required pages include:

  • A signed UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF)
  • Page 1-3 from MSHR BC full application, including Organization Affiliation Page, Project Title, Lay Summary.
  • Budget table page
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment Form – please contact the appropriate Technology Transfer Manager in the UILO for your Faculty and Department to obtain this before Monday, March 2nd.
  • Letter of collaboration, if applicable
  • Letter of partnership, if applicable
  • MITACS Accelerate proposal application (Part 1), if applicable
4. Submit your ONLINE application by Applicant's eSubmission deadline by June 30, 2020, at 4:30 pm

Submit your full application and MSHR BC Full CCV Version (last 5 years) by the above-stated Applicant's e-Submission deadline. The current MSHR BC ApplyNet system is not linked with the Common CV System. To complete your requirement, please Submit your CV, provide your consent, confirm your submission, then go to the History tab and save a .pdf copy of the Common CV-MSFHR Full Version. It is your responsibility to review the pdf copy of the application prior to submission to ensure that all data entered is complete and accurate. Then click “Submit” your application to ORS for online approval.

5. ORS reviews your application

If all requirements are met, ORS will approve your application by the host-institution deadline of July 7, 2020. ORS has read-only access to your application and cannot make changes on your behalf.  If changes are required, ORS can return to you if only the application has not been submitted to the agency. 

6. ORS approves and submits your application

Once ORS hits “submit”, you will receive an automatically generated email from MSHR BC confirming that your host institution has approved your application.